Friday, July 30, 2010

A birthday. A beginning day.

Welcooome :D

First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. It’s my first time having and posting something like this. So, thanks all :)

Yesterday (july 28th) was my birthday, and i was thinking bout doing something special in my bday. I USED to love writing, but recently i don’t have much time or occasion to do so. That’s why i created this blog. I’d like to say thanks to my friend, Andin, whose blog has enchanted and envied me. She told me that blogging was fun, so I think it’s worth to give it a try. So, here I am :)

I was worried of being nineteen. Next year I’ll turn 20. It scared me. I’m giving lots of goals to myself. I push myself too hard. I always hope that when I’m 20 I would have been “someone”. However, at this point I felt like I haven’t reached anything big.

Let me compare my 19 to my 17 and 18.

I celebrated my 17th bday in kaliurang. At that time I was on a preparation to go to Makassar, to participate in OSN. My family and best friends weren’t there. I was with the other participants instead. I felt lonely, but still excited because of the new environment. At that time I was proud of myself. I never imagined to reach that point. I was grateful. I earned some money at that event, you know.

I had a close friend at that time (but we didn’t make it haha) and it was sooo much fun at the hotel. We studied and laughed. We took notes and took a walk. It was so refreshing being there. We didn’t  see each other as rivals, but friends. I got new friends and we still keep in touch till now.

In the morning, my friend Ola asked me to play pingpong with her. I was so sleepy. I said no. She kept asking. I said okay. We played for ten minutes and then …
You know what happened next right?
Wet. Cold. I smelled like detergent.

Not the best birthday I could imagine but that was memorable. My body was cold but my heart was so warm. I only knew these people for two weeks but what they did was sweet :)

In my 18 I’ve reached higher. I got bronze medal and a bunch of money. I turned into a college student in UGM, accounting major. I was more grateful. So did my parents.

That’s why I feel like I’m stuck at this point. Nothing phenomenal happened to me this year. Have you ever feel like that? Feel like you’ve wasted a year of your life? Well, I felt it a lot when I was 13 or 14 bla bla bla. Wait. Does it mean I’m not growing mature? *sigh*
I mean it’s okay to waste your year because you’re only 14, but you can't do that when you’re 19 right?

I told my boyfriend, Arsyad, bout this and in the end he reminded me of something.
“You’ve got a job. Teaching.”

Suddenly I felt soo much better. Just because those simple sentences.

Well I didn’t earn that much from teaching English to a group of kids, but at least I’ve given something to my society. I’ve started. I’ve planted my seeds and waiting for them to bloom.
The principle of give and take is the principle of diplomacy - give one and take ten  (Mark Twain)

Haha then I realized that we really need those kind of people who could fly us back when we fall, right? 
Everyone needs a co-pilot - Up in the Air
Now I know the meaning of “give and take”. If you do lots of givings, you’ll get lots of meanings.
My birthday wish is so simple. Wish I would have more courage. Courage to do the right things. Amen.
That’s for now. I feel so relieved. Thanks for reading everyone.
May you have a meaningful year :D

thank you boy :)



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