Saturday, July 31, 2010

yogyakarta gamelan festival 2010

LOVE this event! back in 2007, my school (including me) participated in this event and it was awesome. 
This event was held for 3 days. I went there at the last day with Arsyad.
unfortunately i didnt bring my camera. i thought the committee would upload the pictures on their official blog, but they didn't. I also looked for the pictures in google, but i found no good pictures *sigh*
the show was awesome. we got there at 8 pm. the hall was already filled by thousands people. fortunately we found 2 empty seats at the back. then, the show started.

1st performer : Sumunar Gamelan & Dance Ensemble from USA. It was cool. There were four dancers who danced gracefully. All of the dancers were women. 2 foreigner. 2 indonesian. They also collaborated with choir of students from a university in surakarta (i couldnt remember), sang traditional songs from USA. I didnt really like the choir because there were only one voice. i mean, "cuma ada suara satu". hehe.

2nd performer : Rene Lysloff from USA. He collaborated with Ari Wulu, an artist from Jogja. Their music was techno-gamelan. What was that? So, they used DJ-ing machine and remixed the gamelan sound with that machine. It's like clubbing with gamelan music. Stuff like that. Honestly speaking, I didn't understand that performance. The music was too noisy and kinda boring.

3rd performer : Bronze Age feat Andy C and The Horizons from Singapore. It was totally awesoooome! Bronze age played the gamelan. Andy C cs was trio. Andy played chinese flute. One drummer. One synthesizer player. Their music was up-beat so i love it. Andy wore black cowboy hat while performing! Wew. Unfortunately i couldn't find any information about this group [even in google]. Ah, i really want to see this group again.

4th performer : Kiai Kanjeng [Emha Ainun Najib]. What could i say? Nothing. 

We went home after the 3rd performance because it was already 10 pm. I only took these pictures. I took a picture of my bf but it was blur [sorry boy, hehe]. I feel so lucky because i went there, what an experience.

(1-5) outside the concert hall
chinese flute. Andy played the black one.

Wish next year this event will be back. OMG Andy C and The Horizons, who are you guys?? [the synthesizer player was so handsome haha]. Keep supporting our tradisional music guys!!



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