Sunday, August 22, 2010

downloading big bang and other random thingy

What is Big Bang?
they are a hip hop boy band from South Korea whom i love so much. their music is different from any boy bands in K-Pop industry (their leader created most of their songs wooow). and right now, i'm downloading their variety show (it's been a while since their last show cuz they're busy promoting in Japan) but it really takes a loooooong time (as seen below)

*sigh* i think i'll just ask my friend to download this.
anyway, this is big bang:

and my favorite videos:
(both the videos and the songs were AWESOME)

and tomorrow, i'll be back to college. whoaa i miss it so much!!

the bad thing is i have class everyday (monday-friday).
and there is one thing that makes me envious to my friend, Andin. why? see these chat:

Ana     : eh ndon semester ini kamu masih classmate-an terus sm 
             hanif? (her bf)
Addina : sampe semester selanjut selanjut selanjut selanjut selanjut 
             selanjut selanjut selanjut nya
             kecuali di mata kuliah pilihan, cuma 2 makul per semester
----random chat----
Ana     : eh knapa ndon km skelompok trus sm dy?
Addina : nomer absen urut
             trus dulu kan emang awalnya temenan -_____-"
Ana     : pernah ga kamu ga sekelompok sama dy?
Addina : pernah dooonk
             tapi kelompoknya sebelahan
             ato trus beberapa kelompok tugasnya sama 
----random chat----

last time i met her, she told me that :
NIM kita urut. jadi kalo ada tugas kelompok pasti bareng. kelompok berdua bareng, bertiga bareng, berempat bareng...
are they couple or siamese twins? -_____-" 

well unfortunately this semester Arsyad and I won't be classmates. our classes was totally different because our major is different (i'm accounting, he's management) *sigh*
but we'll definitely be fine :)

happy new semeter people :)


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