Friday, August 27, 2010

hanging out with my besties

Last wednesday i had an event with my best friends. Buka bersama. The place was Bee's Galeria. There were Ayuk, Tantri, Wipti, Ikas, Amel, and also Amel and Ayuk's friends (from UGM International Relationship) : Putri, Vebi, Uwie, Ghulam, Angga, Echi. It's always a pleasure to have new friends :)

Anyway, it was kinda annoying because the waitress who take our order was kinda unfriendly (i was looking for "judes" in english, but google said it was "bitchy". LOL). And Bee's was kinda out of space, because it was very crowded so it took a long time to get the 12 of us the tables. Oh there was an misunderstanding when we ordered for Tantri and Wipti (that time they haven't arrived yet). We had ONE EXTRA chicken box. We tried to get our money back (IDR 15400) but (again) the waitress made it difficult. She said "I've already repeated your order, twice," in a tone that made me and Amel really wanted to squeeze her. Fortunately, the manager was so kind. He asked her to give back our money by selling our extra chicken box to the next customer. HHA!!! Eat that, girl!!! 

Well, after that we (Ayuk Tantri Wipti Ikas Amel) went to Matahari. Actually we were going to window shopping, but fortunately, an unknown lady give us a IDR 50000 voucher! So, if we shop 100000+, we could use that voucher, so we only should pay 50000! HHA! I, Ayuk and Wipti shopped and used that voucher together (discount 16000 for each of us).

Ayuk's and my twin shirts (30000 --> only 14000 hha)
And also, some silly photoshoots inside the shop (Amel was missing, she was at the cashier).
Ikas, Tantri, Wipti, Ana, Ayuk

After that we bought ice cream and then went home.
I love you so much, besties :*



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