Thursday, August 05, 2010

tanning time

Last wednesday (August 4th) I, Ayuk, Amel, Bobot, Diva and Ikas went to Pandawa Water World Solo. We went there by Ayuk's car and her driver, Pak Supar. We set off at 8.30 am and got there at 11 am. Aaaaaah finally a vacatiooooon >__<

On Monday, the ticket is IDR 35.000. Tuesday till Friday is 50.000. Weekend is 100.000.
So you think each of us paid IDR 50.000 right? tet-tot. We only paid 35.000 (30% discount). Thanks to Pandawa which offer a lots of promo. We used the student card promo. Aaah i'm so thankful. Check out its official site to know the complete promo. 


Talking bout photos, yes we did took some photos. A swimsuit photo-session. That's why i couldn't post them here ;)
Anyway i'll just give you a slight clue : Amel looked like an octopus :LOL: (please imagine yourself)
And my friends told me i looked thinner in swimsuit. Ah, should i wear swimsuit everyday? :hammer:

When we entered, we looked for the double-buoy. Well we were told by the lifeguards that we took the wrong buoys (we took blue-buoys which are only for "black hole") they took them back but didn't give us replacements (no solution. At least place those buoy in a well sighted place please). It took about 15 minutes until we found the right-yellow-buoys *sigh*
Anyway after that we went to the slides arena. We tried all the three of them and also the black hole arena. I paired up with Amel. Ayuk-Ikas, and Bobot-Diva. Don't worry if you cant swim. I couldnt but i did go home safely :)

The funniest thing was the accident between Amel and me. I got injured. Because of her. My temple (pelipis) was hurt but it only became red, no blood thanks God haha.
We were playing at the Krisna Wave Pool. I was enjoying my ride alone in the middle of the sea, the wave was kinda harsh but it was fun. And then Amel swam towards me and tried to climb up my buoy. It was easy at the beginning, but her hips didn't fit the buoy. :ROFL:
I told her to jump but she only could lift her left foot. Her right foot was still underwater. She was stuck at that position for a minute. Then she tried again to lift her right foot but it made her lose her balance.
Her teeth hit me. My temple. Silly. I mean it's okay if i got hit by hand or foot. But TEETH?
FYI the last time she changed her braces was 6 months ago ewwww.
It wasn't that painful actually. But she was worried because it was so red. Then we took some rest.
We played in the slides arena again and then started the photo session.

Around 1.30 pm we finished playing and looked for food. We was unable to bring food, me should buy it there instead. The price was kinda expensive so we decided to buy it outside. And the consequence was it took a really loong time to find a place to eat. We went out from Pandawa at 2 pm and had lunch at 3 pm *sigh*

Anyway, i'm sooo happy. Wish we could have another girls-go-out day once more gals :*
p.s. I dont care if my skin would turn dark. but yes i did feel like a zebra when i got home :p

we didn't come into the world to walk around
we came here to take you out
come with us, we'll make a toast
for this time about to come

don't mess my holiday
don't mess my holiday
don't mess my holiday
don't mess my holiday
(CSS - Jager Yoga)



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