Sunday, January 16, 2011


Just finished my holy-days (final exams) yesterday! Now, welcome, holidaaaays!!
I got some ideas to cheer up my holidays, wish i could make them come true :D

This semester, my college life changed significantly. The courses and lecturers required extra hard work. Thanks God, finally i can take some fresh air :)

Anyway, i took some of my stressful-exam-days time to make this :

check this interesting site to make this card and other fascinating stuff!
I was going to give it to Arsyad, but i just couldn't resist this card because it's too cute hehe. Maybe I'll make him another card next time, that i create by myself.

Few weeks ago, i went to Tembi Rumah Budaya to interview an artist for EQ magazine, i must say that place was amazing! I really love the interior and exterior, so mystic (in a good way) but also peaceful. They also have some guest houses and outdoor swimming pool with jacuzzi and blissful green rice field scenery!

caption : traditional masks | traditional puppets | vintage bicycles | vintage radio | EQ squad : Poppy Jr, Mba Prima, Dito, Hesti. taken by me | me, taken by Poppy

Alright, wish you had wonderful holidays! 

P.S. lately, i'm in love with tumblr. Check mine here :)


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