Tuesday, June 21, 2011

photos from my disderi #part6

taken with my disderi robo. kodak color plus 200. so happy cause it came out quiet good. enjoy :)

JHS acceleration class reunion :D
he's ABM, our favorite boy in JHS :3 
left to right : panji, romo, sandy, arief, jonathan

UGM Rectorate Office

left to right : linda, kikin, rina
taken by rina

taken by rina
taken by rina
taken by rina
Kikin. ups my bad. sorry hehe
Irma. taken by kikin
me, took a picture of linda for business communication presentation. taken by rina

taken by kikin
watch carefully. kikin did something silly with her nose :p

Food Court with Diba and Hesti.
*too bad it's too dark*

candid. taken by hesti

FEB Plaza
Miniature of tugu jogja for GMAD event,  created by architecture UGM 09 (including Andin)

Adit with his swimming suit

before his performance. cute eh? :)
a random beautiful little girl
he didn't want me to take his photo! >:D
Gotta back to my exam preparation. wish me luck :)

PS. so happy that at least i got an A this semester hehe


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