Wednesday, September 22, 2010

this time, it's papertoy :D

Hello! This time i'm back with another toy, as cute as my previous toy \(^o^)/ 
This post is inspired by my friend, Theo's post. Thank youuuu :D (btw aku ngembarin satu punyamu gapapa kan ya haha)
PS. check his blog, i love his artworks :)

(those photos only taken from my phone's camera, so it's kinda blur :( )

It's not that hard to make one. The most difficult one is the snowboader girl, but the rest are easy :)
For better quality, i went to a digital printing shop to print it (according to Theo's suggestion). Each of them was printed on ivory 210 (or 120? whatever) size A4. Or you can use A3 for 2 templates. 
Try it, they're so lovely :D

Alright, that's it. Finally i finished making all of them. If i have time, i'll make some more cuz there are still lots of cute templates. Have a wonderful week!



  1. lhoh na..kamu itu gambarnya bikin sendiri ato nge-prin darimana?? eh eh eh aku ngeprin pake ivory cuma bisa A3 doang tuh di Spektrum,btw kamu nge-print dmna? thanks :)

  2. topp
    rapih banget
    aku gabisa bikin yang rapi lho

  3. @tantri ada templatesnya di
    aku juga ngeprint di spektrum a3 ivory kok. jadi 2 gambar dijadiin satu gituh trek

    @theo heeee rapih ya segitu? haha jadi malu dipuji sama master theo :blush: haha