Friday, September 17, 2010

what's your toy? mine is toycam :)

I bought this toycam 1,5 years ago from my classmate, Ferly. Actually i didn't really need this thing, but it was soo cute that i couldn't resist :) (and it was cheap too hehe)

Since i bought it, i never really used it because i was busy with final exam, university entrance test, bla bla bla. Then about 6 months ago my friend, Tantri, borrowed this thing. Couple days ago, she went to a camera shop to see the photos from this toycam.
I was kinda excited to see the photos because it was the first time for me. Moreover, my friend, Andin, also has this toycam but hers is pink, and some photos from her disderi looks so cute.

Nah, from those photos i expected that the photos from my toycam would turn out well enough too. Unfortunately, Tantri said that there were only 11 photos out of 36 (!!!). 
Yes i was shocked, then my friend, Diar, said that was the disadvantage of toycam. You'll never know how much photos will turn out well.
From those 11 photos, in my opinion there is only good photo (yes, it's Black and White):

say hello to Tantri :)

This moment, my toycam was borrowed by another friend, Shela. Ah i miss it so much :( Hope it will be back to me soon.
I was googling about toycam, then i found this site : theclickshop. It's a Malaysian shop, but it ships worldwide as well. Here are some of their attractive products :

Golden Half 
RM190-205 (IDR 550k-600k)
a local 
online shop sells it for IDR720k

I'm interested in this camera because 36 exposure film = 72 pictures!!! So fuuuun :D 

Juice and Milk Box Cameras

(RM100) YUMMY!

i want this thing so bad, but it's expensive :(
nevertheless, there's still Poladroid :D

Alright, that's for today :D Have a nice weekend!!



  1. waaaa keren banget
    aku pengen polaroidnya

  2. waw lucu abisss!!!!! itu kameranya beli di mana? *mupeng* :P

  3. @theo : iya aku juga pengeen. mana lagi diskon tau itu online shop~~

    @audrey : itu aku kasih link nya kok di atas. coba aja :)