Saturday, December 18, 2010

happy belated birthday, cissy :)

YI know it's been weeks since my bestfriend, Cisya's birthday (Nov 26th). Still, i'd like to say :

wish u had a much more wonderful life!!

For her present, Irma and I bought this cute-purple-colored-thing : OCTOPUS!
We bought this from Tantri. I also made a pop-up birthday card and wrap them with cute fifi-lapin-patterned wrapping paper. Cute aren't they? 
I was kinda hasitated, asking "Will she like this?" to myself over and over again. She's not into photography that much. The reason I chose this analog camera because I want to be a part of her dream, studying abroad. I believe someday she will. And i hope she will bring this present with her, taking picture of her memorable experience, and still remember me (and bring me some souvenirs when she's back haha. ups ignore me), well just in case she got homesick or something, i don't want her to feel alone.

irma, cisya, ana

Glad to know you like them, Cissy!!


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