Sunday, December 26, 2010

happy birthday, wipti eta!

Acid. So cute!
Amel. She's back from Aussie!
Look at her face! Wish i was there :(
  Happy 19th birthday, dear!  

  always give my best wishes for you :*  

And talking about movie, Arsyad and I went to see Tron Legacy. We chose this because Rapunzel wasn't there *so late*. Well yeah, it's sophisticated but ... the fact is, we saw a movie titled "Tron Legacy", but when we stepped out the cinema, we didn't even know what (or who) Tron really is (!!!). Haha whatever. 
But yes, it was such a pleasant refreshment :) (before the final exams)

No, i won't complain about my college thingy. Yes, it getting closer to Equilibrium magazine's deadline and also the final exams. Will try my best :D

And also, happy holiday for you guys! Have a beatiful christmas and also new year celebration!

Good luck for Indonesia!!! I'm so excited about the final of AFF cup! Yes, my country goes to FINAL ROUND !!!

Take care guys! Love,

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