Tuesday, December 07, 2010

unfortunately i didn't succeded capturing those heavenly views

Few days ago I got the results of my Robo (disderi toycam) and I DEEPLY disapponted and sad and down and gloomy etc. There were only five photos and all of them were kinda dark. Ah, i'm speechless. Stressed.
Well it was my first time experimenting with expired film, and I didn't expected such of this huge disappointment. I had lots of memorable memories in this 2 past months, that's why i'm so sad because of this thing :''(

credit : here
credit : here
credit : @escraz
this is the best photo from my Robo. He's Mas Emil, taken by Mba Mia :)
Those photos are from "Upgrading BPPM Equilibrium FEB UGM" event, held in Taman Buah Mangunan, Bantul. It was soooo awesome! The view was so heavenly beautiful! Couldn't believe Jogja has place like that :D

Anyway, I found an escape route : cooking! Frankly, it relieved me from my gloomy feelings. Yes, it worked!

homemade chicken spaghetti bolognaise :3
Last thing to write, Happy 1 Muharram 1423 Hijra! May Allah bless our lifes even more :)

on our way to Balong Waterpark, Imogiri



  1. anaa..syit! pagi hari di mangunan aku ma tmn2 nggak ada yg di atas bukit :(( nggak tau kalo ternyata view-nya keren beudhh kaya' negeri di atas awan ;))
    eh iya, itu km foto spagheti pake analog juga??

  2. @mayang : thank youuu :D

    @tantri sumpah it was sooo heavenly beautiful! beyond amazing trek!
    itu cuma pake hape, edit edit gitu soalnya foto aslinya agak gelap hehe