Friday, March 02, 2012

photos from my disderi #part12

My bestfriend, Cisya, will be studying in Fukuoka for 1 year. SO PROUD OF HER >_____<
She'll be going at the end of this month. That's why we took a random trip to Taman Sari Water Castle. The color of that place was sooo dreamy. It was freshly blue everywhere :3
We took lots of photos inside the castle, so she can brag to her friends in Japan, "this is my swimming pool." Hahaha. Silly.

The Sultan throws his handkerchief from this tower. The lucky mistress (selir) who catch it will "accompany" him that night (if you know what i mean haha). Well, that what Cisya said to me. Dunno if it's true or not hehe.


Sunday Morning @ UGM

Went cycling with Adit to Madukismo *hosh hosh*

POLARIS team. Ana Diba Laras and Niska (who took this picture) :3

Went to Depok Beach for our Entrepreneurship class. Did some observation of the business opportunities in that area. I proposed the name "POLARIS", it's from Winter Sonata drama. Yes, it's a constellation. Other constellations move within seasons, but Polaris remains in the same place :)


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